Types of membership

Governing Membership

referred to as a Voting Member – is reserved for those 18 years and older who are a lineal descendent of a person born in Lithuania, or the spouse of such a person, and who believes in the Objectives of the Society. You may vote during Members’ Meetings and hold an office.

Special Membership

referred to as a Social Member – is reserved for those 18 years of age and older who do not meet the criteria for a Governing Member, but believe in the Objectives of the Society. You may attend meetings, but cannot vote or hold an office.

Yearly Dues

Voting Member – $30
Social Member – $15

Membership Application Process

Fill out the application by clicking on the red button above. You can fill it out online first and then print or print first and fill it out by hand.  Don’t forget to indicate which type of membership you wish to have.   If you know two existing Voting Members, have them sign as sponsors.  If not, don’t worry and leave sponsor lines blank.  Mail your application to the address on the form. You must include a $10 initiation fee with your application!

Once we receive your application by mail, it will be read at the next two monthly Members’ Meetings and then voted upon at the second such meeting.  You may be contacted for additional information in the meantime.  If the members do not convene for a meeting in any given month, the Board of Directors will act on the application. You will be notified once your application receives final approval and be asked to pay a prorated membership fee for the remainder of the calendar year.