Knights of Lithuania

Council 19

Council 19 is the local chapter of the national organization of the Knights of Lithuania. The K of L is an organization of Catholic Lithuanian-Americans with over 2,000 members nationwide. The Knights endeavor to instill in their members an attachment to Lithuania, the land of their ancestors, and a knowledge, appreciation and love of the Lithuanian language, customs and culture. The local council is comprised of approximately 10 members.  The Knights participate in Citizens’ Society sponsored events and have sponsored a few of their own events including St. Casimir Day commemorations in cooperation with the Sisters of St. Francis.  The Knights hold an annual picnic at the Lithuanian Country Club

Council 19 is a council-at-large and not associated with any District.  In late July or early August, delegates and members from all councils gather for the annual National Convention of the organization. The Convention is an enjoyable time with plenty of activities for everyone. Recent conventions have been in Brockton, MA and Dayton, OH.