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1721 Jane Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

100th Anniversary

100th Anniversary

About the Lithuanian Citizens' Society of Western PA

About the Lithuanian Citizens' Society of Western PA





Celebrating 102 years - Chartered 1912

Lietuviais esame mes gime, Lietuviais norime ir but!

The Lithuanian Citizens’ Society of Western Pennsylvania is the largest Lithuanian organization in the Pittsburgh area. Its mission is to provide Lithuanian educational and cultural opportunities to the Pittsburgh community, and to provide assistance to deserving charitable, cultural, and educational institutions, the members of which are of Lithuanian descent, and to other charitable organizations in the community.



We welcome all people of
descent to become members of our society.

Click here for more information
and an application form

Decorating eggs

We schedule events throughout
the year,including independence
commemorations, Jonines & Kucios

Click here to view the schedule




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